I spent the last bit of his money on the keyboard since his LTW is to be a One Sim Band so he sits around playing it all the time.

He rolled a want to go to the art museum so I sent him there but then it got to crowded for his loner sensibilities and he left. >_<

So, I had tabbed out of the game to check other things and when I went back in this happened. Some girl hit on Remi and he tried to reciprocate but it failed! >_< Although how she can resist the adorableness that is he is beyond me!

That’s okay because Blair came up and this is what they did. Between sharing goofy secrets, to getting to know each other they were constantly giggling. And Blair called Remi up the moment after he left(once again it got too crowded for him!) which I thought was cute!


I’m off to bed! Work tonight and then another three day weekend! AW YEAH!!